10. Fire and its impacts

10.4 Activities

Bushfire behaviour

Explore the conditions that influence bushfire behaviour.

Research one of the following questions using resources from the list below, as well as other authoritative online or print resources. Provide data and evidence in your responses, and include illustrations where appropriate (e.g. types of terrain/fuel).

  • Ignition of bushfires: What are the main causes of bushfire ignition?
  • Climate and seasons: What climate conditions increase bushfire risk?
  • Weather and seasons: Which common weather elements contribute to increased fire danger?
  • Topography: How does terrain affect the movement of bushfires?
  • Fuel (vegetation): How do the amount and types of fuel influence a bushfire starting and spreading?

Explore how fire impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems.

Many of Australia’s and the ACT’s ecosystems have evolved with fire and depend on it to remain healthy. But any benefits of fire are determined by whether the fire regime (the frequency and intensity of fires), is appropriate for an ecosystem.

To learn more about the role of fire and ecosystem health, research one example of an ecosystem type that depends on fire.


1. What role does fire play in keeping the ecosystem healthy?

2. What would happen to the ecosystem if fires did not occur?

3. What would happen to the ecosystem if fires were too frequent?

If you want to find out more information, you can also research an example of a particular species of plant that depends on fire.