7. Land

7.3 What you can do

There are many things you can do every day to help protect Canberra’s soil, including:

  • compost your food scraps. This means that you are sending less rubbish to landfill and, instead sending nutrients (such as from vegetable peel) back into the ground to break down and create nutritious soil for growing more plants
  • grow more native plants in your garden, or help out at local tree planting days. Native plants support native insects and animals.
  • join an ACT natural resource management group, such as ParkCare, Landcare group, or other environmental community groups involved in a variety of environmental activities such as Greening Australia and ‘Friends of’ groups.

Did you know?

The ACT Government has organised a selection of free native plants for those purchasing a new residential block in the ACT. You can see if you, your family or your friends are eligible for free native plants HERE